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    ISO CERTIFICATION (9001 ,14001)

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    A.T.GENERATORS became ISO CERTIFIED COMPANY , we proudly announce th...

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    Middle East Electricity exhibition 2013

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    A.T.Generators participated in Middle East Electricity exhibition 2013 whic...

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    Mobile Lighting Towers

    Mobile lighting towers gensets are available from different brand with different sizes OUR Lighting Towers genset are built to last and can withstand any type of weather condition. These Light Towers offer 360 degree rotation and can illuminate up to 7 acres. We have Malishia 7000Series(ML7000, ML7000M, ML7000K, ML7000P) the most advanced Winch-operated light tower on the market.

    Also we have the 6600 series consists of an :

    Heavy-duty trailer, four floodlights and a diesel-driven generator set mounted in an weatherproof enclosure for quiet operation.

    Operator control and troubleshooting are easier with centralized control panel and total protections to diesel engine.

    The 7000 seriesof the lighting towers genset has premium features not available on other cable-operated.

    Light towers genset they equipped With reliable Stamford or Leroysomer altenator.

    Applications of the lighting towers:

    • Mining, Construction and tunnel applications.
    • Airports and wharfs.
    • Defense operations.
    • Disaster relief and emergency relief.
    • Public areas.

    The other brand we have is Lombardini light tower which the tower light reach up to 9 meter in hight,water cooled, work with diesel, two wheels trailor with leaf springs. Weather proof canopy with tow doors from both sides, the side & roof arebolt fixed for easy maintenanceof the lighting tower genset.