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    ISO CERTIFICATION (9001 ,14001)

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    A.T.GENERATORS became ISO CERTIFIED COMPANY , we proudly announce th...

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    Middle East Electricity exhibition 2013

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    A.T.Generators participated in Middle East Electricity exhibition 2013 whic...

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    • The canopy is manufactured with a steel outer skin, and is lined with fire proof, acoustic material. Attenuators are placed on the hot air outlet and cooling air inlet and exhaust silencers of the residential type are mounted either on top of, or inside the enclosure, exhausting to atmosphere.
    • 75db / 3m
    • Robust/Highly Corrosion Resistant Construction
    • Excellent Access for operation and Maintenance
    • Two doors on the side or one door based on the size of canopy, convenient to install, watch, operation or maintenance or other appropriate place set watching window to watch the panel of controller
    • Lube oil and cooling water drains piped to exterior of the enclosure
    • Simply, convenient operation, not need building generator room, using at the open air
    • Setting silencer, on reaching destination, generator can work at any moment.
    • Lifting points on base frame
    • Lower noise and lower exhaust



    ATP 10-30 KVA   


    ATP 45-80 KVA   


    ATP 100-150 KVA   


    ATP 200-250 KVA   


    ATP 350-625 KVA   


    ATP 750-1000 KVA   


    ATP 1250-2200 KVA   


    Mobile Canopy

    Canopies can also be put on trailers for easy displacement. The mobile model of the silencer is suitable for worksites and road-show events.